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Case Study # 19 : Critical components of the family farming business under the microscope

Background and Client Issue


Our operation is a 2,955 ha intergeneration family dry-land mixed farming business located near Cootamundra, NSW and has been in the family since the 1880’s.  Farming is our life and our passion.  It is also forms the basis of our legacy to our children who will hopefully take the business on into the future.  Succession planning had been completed successfully but in doing so acquired some debt as part of the transfer. 


Farming has become more and more sophisticated on many levels; technical, operational, financial compliance and marketing.  Every aspect of the business and its assets has to perform.  Dissecting our business into critical components it was apparent that our funding structure is a very important aspect of the overall performance of the business.  Our accountants strategically advised that, like all the other components, this area should be reviewed. 



Robinson Sewell Partner’s Solution


Intimately knowing the track record of Robinson Sewell Partners via our accountants in performing these functions, we formally engaged them to conduct a full review of our business from a debt funding perspective to ensure we had the best platform the banking fraternity could provide us. 


They set a clearly defined agenda and strategy which covered off on all our aspects of good corporate governance.  They analysed our business from a banking perspective, and with their detailed report invited an intimate panel of banks to bid for our business.   Success was going to be measured on pricing, structure, flexibility, service quality and resource capability.


What was evident from the process was that there existed a clear appetite and strong engagement from the banks.  Our existing bank, whom we had a great relationship with, restructured their offering to win on all fronts and retained the business.  From an economic perspective alone it saved us circa $24,000 per annum which now makes this part of the business performing to its peak.

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