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Case Study #17 - November 2015 : Stock and Station Business Succession

Background and Client Challenges

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For many years my professional career has been centred around providing livestock marketing advice to a large number of graziers in the Riverina through our stock and station agency business. Over the course of these years I developed the technical, managerial and operational skills to operate the business.  I had also acquired a minority shareholding in the process. 

The opportunity arose where the key principle of the business was seeking to retire, and given my current shareholding and position in my career, I was the natural successor.  Debt financing was my most strategic avenue to complete the transition to become the majority owner of the business but the funding metrics of this proposition fell outside of normal banking parameters.  Early discussions with my financiers were failing to garner any real material traction that would allow me to complete the transaction. 

Recognising the art of commercial lending was a skill gap in my broarder experience, I engaged the financial services of Robinson Sewell Partners to fulfill this function.


Robinson Sewell Partner’s Solution

Robinson Sewell Partners immediately recognised that the key element to procuring funding success was a focus on structuring the opportunity and presenting it in a format that spoke the bank language.  With the assistance of my accountant to perform the structuring side of the equation, Robinson Sewell Partners proceeded to create a credit profile of the opportunity and apply due dilligence on all elements of credit that fell outside of bank policy. 

From this stance, they resubmitted the proposition back to the banks which incidently found favour with all parties privy to the transaction and participated in the tender seeking to win the business.

Out of the process I not only managed to procure the funding that was required to become the principle owner and shareholder of the business, but also struck funding terms that were commercially flexible, attractive and cost efficient.  They even managed to refund from the bank $5,000 after settlement back to myself due to a technical element of the banks functionality.  

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