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3 Jul 2017 8:30 AM -

Deb’s professional career has been a rewarding journey of finance, with agribusiness representing the cornerstone and passion of her conviction, commencing with 10 years in the wholesale food industry.


In 2006 Deb joined the Rural Financial Counselling Service SA where she has been employed as a Rural Financial Counsellor covering various areas at different times but includes Upper North, Mid North, Lower North, Yorke Peninsula, Adelaide Plains, Barossa, Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island. 


For over 10 years she worked alongside generational farmers, accountants and (legal) advisors to procure funding solutions with Australia’s traditional banks.  Her commitment to her career has manifested into an intimate knowledge of farming systems (operational, managerial, financial), credit presentation and procurement and debt funding optionality’s.


For South Australia, the average farm size varies within the regions but for the Mid North / Yorke Peninsula area it is 1,250 Ha and varies from corporate, large family (corporate) to emerging business enterprise. 


Her industry experience extends from broadacre & livestock in the Mid North, Kangaroo Island and Yorke Peninsula, wine grapes in Clare & Barossa Valleys and the intensive industries of pig and dairy. 


Deb’s motivation for the move into credit advisory comes from her work as a Rural Financial Counsellor where she sees a real economic tangible benefit for borrowers tendering their credit to improve their funding economics and to reduce funding risk within the business.  


For many farmers, she has witnessed a loyalty to their bank that their father banked with 40 years ago not translating into good funding outcomes.  The work involved in refinancing or applying for a new loan is often overwhelming and submissions can be missing vital information.  Deb aims to be the catalyst for change and make change happen on behalf of the farmers.


Qualification include:

 Diploma in Accounting;

 Graduate Certificate in Rural Science (Agricultural Consulting) at UNE;

 Diploma in Community Service (Financial Counselling); and

 Advanced Diploma in Agribusiness Management.