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15 Aug 2014 6:15 AM - A case study of how RSP changed the competitive environment in the client's favour

Astute operators recognise the boundaries of their expertise and the efficient application of their own resources.

Please take the time to read the latest Robinson Sewell Partners’ report on how a RSP business client took control of their financial affairs first by recognising the opportunity and focusing on the task, then second by outsourcing the project to the professionals.  Below is a case study of this client who achieved financial muscle and enhanced profitability by focusing on their funding platform that underpinned the liquidity of their business. 

Client Position

The prospects contacted RSP following a recommendation from an existing RSP client.  Discussions with the prospects revealed they had already been in contact with two alternative lenders.  The prospects decided to pursue the two banks they had already engaged without assistance from RSP.  Within 3 months these clients contacted RSP expressing frustration at the lack of progress they had made with the two lenders they were talking to.  To remedy the situation the clients then engaged the services of RSP to achieve a desired outcome.

RSP Results

RSP submitted a finance tender document to four banks by the end of that month, including the two banks the clients had already been talking to.  Competitive quotes from the panel of lenders started to arrive one week after the tender document was issued.  Negotiations took place with the alternative banks throughout the month with regards to pricing, security, loan covenants and conditions, and loan structure:

1.  A formal letter of offer was received by the lead bank in the following week. The characteristics of the offer were:

  •  The incoming banks interest rates were significantly lower than the client’s current interest rates. This equated to a saving of circa $125,000 per annum in interest costs

  •  The incoming bank required less land security than the current bank held;

  •  The incoming bank provided additional working capital that the current bank was not prepared to provide

2.   The clients accepted the incoming banks offer, and moved to the documentation process and refinance settlement, which took place the following month

In conclusion, RSP achieved a highly competitive funding solution for the clients within a well-managed timeframe. The clients were at the same time able to focus on their day to day operations, and were visibly relieved at not having to divert their time and energy to the task.


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