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March 2015 Testimonial

31 Mar 2015 10:36 AM - Recent letter received by RSP for services provided to client
Square Peg : Round Hole

After several months of searching for a financial solution regarding the purchase of a farm and having had no success, I was directed to contact Mr Ian Robinson of Robinson Sewell Partners.

 As well as other unique characteristics and issues relating to my financial position at the time - the main issue had been in the structuring of a mortgage facility that could achieve the bank’s requirements but also guarantee an affordable solution that was suitable to both the bank and myself.


Solution Found

Ian Robinson proposed a solution and was then able to broker a very suitable solution with the purchase being conducted in two tranches.

All correspondence with Robinson Sewell during the application, the execution and follow through of the application and successful loan facility was extremely easy, thorough and efficiently handled. In what had taken me months to no avail - had been completed by Robinson Sewell in a matter of weeks and resulted in a very competitive loan facility.


12 months later

Now some 12 months later, Robinson Sewell Partners were again engaged to broker and complete the second tranche. Through close liaison with the banking facilities available, Robinson Sewell Partners have been able to secure another financial solution that has achieved all the requirements I have given them and once again in a very efficient time frame. They have also secured a monthly mortgage through that has far exceeded my expectations in terms of cost.


My Experience 

Robinson Sewell have a very professional approach to the setup, the initialisation, monitoring and follow up of the financial lending solutions they provide. One of the stand out qualities of the work done by Robinson Sewell Partners is the continuous interaction they have between the solicitors, the banks and the Real Estate agents - leaving the client free to go about their professional lives with a minimum of stress and worry. 

I have recommended the services of Robinson Sewell Partners to close friends already in the past twelve months.


Out of the Box

In my opinion Robinson Sewell Partners specialise in the more difficult and unique rural property purchases where "thinking outside the box" can sometimes be required to find a suitable solution for clients (and lending institutions) that have unique circumstances and income - as well as the more straightforward purchases.