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How Much Potential Productivity is Lost in the Agribusiness Industry?

30 Oct 2014 10:07 AM - Article written by Robinson Sewell Partners


Welcome again to another fortnightly vimeo edition of Robinson Sewell Partners Business Insights.  This interview with Ian Joseph dives into the topical issue of productivity within the Australian Agribusiness industry and how much is potentially lost from underinvestment.

Watch the Vimeo

Please take a moment to watch the vimeo of Ian Joseph covering these most debated topics via the link below…

RSP discusses the repercussions of underinvestment in Australian agribusiness

Australian Supply Chain challenges

Australia is very reliant on investment capital to develop the necessary infrastructure and supply chain functionalities to take product from farm gate to port.  Processing, packaging, logistics and marketing are critical supply chain mechanics.  But how efficient are we in moving product up the vertically integrated channels against our global peers?

The importance of education investment

Australia exports more of our primary production output than we domestically consume.  Our reliance on supply chain efficiencies is therefore paramount to drive gross margins back to farm gate.  Hence, investment is more than just physically infrastructure, it is also education.  Education drives productivity and innovation to advance our nation’s terms of trade.  It cannot be under-estimated.


Government Visibility

What visibility is granted to government and key authorities to ensure capital allocation is directed towards Australian Agribusiness?  Ian Joseph provides further insight into the activity within this domain.  This provides further confidence that various layers of transparency via government enquiries are being undertaken with a view to creating momentum and activity towards education and investment.

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