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How big is Australia's agribusiness debt?

17 Mar 2015 10:46 AM - Ian Robinson interviews RSP consultant Ian Joseph

Watch the VIMEO.

Please take the time to view the latest Robinson Sewell Partners Business Insights’ video interview with Ian Joseph who has touched on some very critical and interesting facts on this subject matter.  Below is a brief summary but please refer to the link for the 6 minute synopsis of Australia’s Agribusiness Debt.

Australia’s debt to Agriculture

$64,000,000,000 is a big number.  It also a close estimate to the quantum of funds the Australian traditional banks have lent to Australia’s Agricultural industry.  Ian Joseph goes on to explain the number of farms noted under this industry code, its trends and impact this has on expected debt levels in the future.


Capacity for Australian Agricultural businesses to borrow

The current demand matrix for agribusiness debt is predominately land acquisition and consolidation of the industry.  With banking product innovation and intensifying farming practises, the ability for agribusiness owners to increase borrowings on the back of appreciating assets has grown and will continue to grow into the future.


Impact of Agricultural Debt on Future Requirements and Demand for Capital

Ian Joseph goes onto the explain the implications on current levels of debt, in conjunction with a low interest rate on environment have on the industry’s future capacity to access capital against future requirements.  The question is then asked how much reliance is placed on foreign investment to fill this capital gap.

RSP discusses the traditional lending platform for Australia's rural businesses. Could it be supplemented with foreign investment to a greater degree?

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