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Fresh Technique Part II: A Success Story

22 Mar 2017 7:01 PM -

3 years ago, a self-evaluation of their current family business (viticulture) opened the minds of these two next generation farmers.  With long term horizons, youth, experience, resilience, research, networks, land and water resources, they set a task to redefine their future.

They analysed consumer consumption demand trends for healthy and fresh green leaf product, modern technological breakthroughs and innovation in production capabilities and logistical proficiencies to create FRESH TECHNIQUE.

For those that missed part one;

Part I: The Story (April 2016)

Part I: The Video (April 2016)


Their start up challenges were oppressive in every aspect.  A greenfield regional development project needed a ground swell of united support at government, local and financial levels before a clod of dirt could be turned. 

But with their research and preparation, combined with outsourced expertise, all road blocks were navigated and the dream is now a reality.


Fresh Technique: The Future is Now

The confluence of innovation in green leaf production, savvy financial structures and good management has now created a multimillion dollar business in a new age of agribusiness.

Grace mentioned, "What was just a dream 3 years ago, it grew to reality in the blink of an eye.  It has taken serious commitment, hard work and passion.  We couldn't have done it without each other".

A real-life inspiration to us all.  Dreams can come true.  Be careful of what you wish for and draw experience and humour from surprises as the line from A to be B has many of them.