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22 Dec 2014 9:58 AM - Trust RSP to overcome your financial hurdles

Agribusiness (Finance) in the midst of drought.

In the world of Agribusiness, 2014 is all but concluded.  For southern NSW and Victoria the year overall has been satisfactory with the season yielding results that will capitalise reinvestment back into the business with full production being set for next year.  Northern NSW and QLD are still dealing with the grips of seasonally tight operating conditions and its associated challenges.  At ground zero there are many issues being managed on multiple levels.  Hard decisions are being made around cropping and livestock activities that will determine next year’s financial outcomes and the impact this will have on capitalisation requirements.

Robinson Sewell Partners are sympathetic to the farmers trying to make the best rational decisions with the information and options they have on hand.  What livestock to keep, what livestock to sell, what cropping program should be committed to on the understanding of future rainfall events.  It is an emotional time, especially leading into Christmas and a new calendar year.


Support is Available

If reflection is taking place (financial or otherwise) within your family, business or close colleagues and who have expressed some uncertainty around what impacts and opportunities are available to you or them, we encourage you to reach out and contact us Robinson Sewell Partners to workshop financial scenarios to achieve improved financial structures, to reduce funding costs, to access capital and to increase profitability.  Our initial discussions and workshop events are complimentary.  Feedback from these interactions may result in providing nothing more than reassurance that the financial position of the business is sound, but is just implicit in operating in tough seasonal conditions, as a recent interaction attests...   



Dear Brad, 

I sincerely appreciated your time this morning and cannot thank you enough for your honesty and support with what we are going through at the present time.  I must say I know it does not change the situation, but just talking to you has made me feel a lot better in myself.  Would love you to be able to call in at any time at your convenience and establish a relationship in person.  Once again sincere thanks for your assistance, it is very much appreciated.



Open for Discussion

More importantly, if there are material improvements to be gained, we can provide the roadmap and support to achieve and imbed these improvements within the business.

We are available and open for discussion over the Christmas / New Year break and we look forward to assisting clients in getting back on the front foot with clear and decisive funding strategies for next year’s production cycle.

RSP can help you make your financial goals happen - we thought the little affirmation was our perfect message to you!

Have a great Christmas and break over the New Year as Brad and Ian look forward to hearing from you or your colleagues in FY15.