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The Financial Farmer

8 Aug 2018 2:20 PM -

We all know too well the perils of drought. It reminds us every day the sun rises on the baked earth. It is easier said than done that drought is a part of the farming model, and the efficiency of each farmer’s...

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Calming the Mind for Resilience

26 Jul 2018 11:10 AM - By Alex Robinson

Writing with my nutritionist’s hat on today, I felt it important to discuss what you can do to look after yourself in hard times – particularly stressful ongoing periods, like the current drought taking hold in ou...

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Cash Flow Survival Tips for Drought Resilience

26 Jul 2018 10:54 AM - By Ian Robinson

It was almost transformational to witness primary producers focus on moisture management during the millennium drought. Drought pens for feed lotting were constructed, sileage pits re established and discipline around bailing crops for fodd...

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Innovation Generation: You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate

11 Jul 2018 6:46 PM -

I was pleased to be able to present at the Innovation Generation Conference in Wagga. “You don’t get what you deserv...

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Land Forming

11 Jul 2018 6:33 PM -

A farming metamorphosis is an economic marvel when witnessed through the lens of hindsight. Land transitioning or land forming as recently seen in the Murrumbidgee and Lachlan Valleys with cotton now becoming the...

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Client Spotlight: Anna and Michael Coughlan

21 Jun 2018 11:59 AM - RSP clients Anna and Michael are reaping the benefits of holistic farm practices

Animals and environment thrive in holistic farm cycle at Tarabah Pastoral

By John Chanter (published June 14 2018)

Anna Coughlan says their cost of production is below 30c/kg under holistic farm manageme...

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Borrowing beyond the Banks

24 May 2018 3:53 PM - Ian Robinson

On the 20th September 1519, Enrique of Malacca kissed his family good bye thinking he may never see them again. For he set off with his Portuguese master Ferdinand Magellan to sail to end of the world (and maybe ...

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THE GRAND FINALE!! - John Waterman interviews Matt Atallah Part 3

24 May 2018 9:47 AM - John closes the series with a clincher - don't miss it

We know you've been hanging out for the final part of this 3 piece series that John has put together.

The Orange wine region is rich and diverse in wine, great restaurants and budding film makers.


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Success or Fail: The Genie's Lantern

24 May 2018 9:40 AM - Ian Robinson

Rock bank Split Enz rolled out the hit single “History Never Repeats” in 1981, well before the corporate disasters of Water Wheel, HIH, OneTel and more recently Dick Smith. We can forgive the band for their err in...

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Being a Top 20% Performer

25 Apr 2018 7:54 AM -

It wouldn’t surprise me if 80% of cropping farmers believe they are in the top 20% of financial performers and the top 20% of financial performers believe they can do much better.

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John Waterman interviews Matt Atallah from Matt Atallah Wines - Part 2

10 Apr 2018 12:29 PM - PART 2

John Waterman interviews Matt on the next phase of the wine making process...Fermentation to Pressing.

Time to get the hands dirty!

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Agricultural Debt Funding BEYOND the BANKS

10 Apr 2018 12:13 PM -

Causes and Reasons for Alternative Agricultural Funding

Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter. From our extensive engagement with the agricultural co...

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Getting off the X

5 Apr 2018 10:50 AM -

Getting Off “The X”

An interesting dialogue between Michele Rigby Assad (Middle East CIA Agent) and Joran Harbinger focused on what life was like as an undercover CIA agent. Relevance to farming? There is surprisingly plen...

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A Farmer's Most Valueable (Intangible) Asset

28 Mar 2018 5:32 PM -

We all take life’s little certainties for granted. Availability of food on any given day, access to education to take on life’s challenges, even the morning sun lifting an autumn fog off the freshly sown paddocks.

Many farmers a...

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