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Bruce, Robyn and Ben Smith: Video Testimonial on Today’s Banking Landscape

15 Nov 2017 8:23 PM -

Bruce Smith (ex-Director of Grain Growers Association and Graincorp) with his wife Robyn and son Ben talks about the essential requirement of engaging independent expertise to oversee the banking ...

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Barossa Grape & Wine Association Event: A Glass Half Full

15 Nov 2017 8:20 PM -

Deb Purvis was fortunate to be able to present “You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate” at the Barossa Grape & Wine Association “Young People in Viticulture” dinner ...

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The Professional Farmer: Farming Human Capital to Farm the Farm

15 Nov 2017 8:12 PM -

Withholding the speakers name for fear of misguided reprisal, a prominent agricultural figurehead (and agricultural fund manager) once announced that…

“it was ...

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Brad Sewell's Interview with Beef Central

7 Nov 2017 7:04 PM -

Beef Central – Heat expected to come out of off-market listings

By Property editor Linda Rowley, 25 October 2017

A rural finance advisor who has been involved in the ...

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Farming Mayday to Payday

7 Nov 2017 6:57 PM -

There is little need to recap recent rainfall events across various parts of the farming communities in Australia. For some it was just too late. For others, it was business as usual. But for ma...

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Sharing the Dream of Saving the World

7 Nov 2017 6:51 PM -

OK, the headline is a little dramatic, but it certainly underpins the enthusiasm the Robinson Sewell Partner’s team shared when we all gathered last week in Victoria.

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Rural Broker named AMA Broker of the Year

30 Oct 2017 4:11 PM -

Published by MPA (Mortgage Professional Australia) 30 October 2017

Wagga Wagga-based broker beats Sydney-based brokers with a broad commercial and specialist lending offering.

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The BIGGER you in a SMALLER world

16 Oct 2017 9:38 AM -

Amplification has always been about extending an existing idea, process or eminent object into the broader universe of acceptance and adoption. For business owners, traditionally this has meant b...

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Banking the Farm: A Financial Confession

5 Oct 2017 6:26 AM - By Ian Robinson

There is around $67,000,000,000 lent to farmers around Australia from the traditional banks. Every day our farmers are banking on the banks banking the farm. The banks conduct compliant annual r...

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The Farming Enigma

19 Sep 2017 2:24 PM -

A tourist motoring the meandering roads through fog veiled valleys and rich rolling hills speckled black angus and merinos could easily assume the virtues of a farmer being that of a romantic chor...

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Tasmania is open for Business - Welcome David Robertson

4 Sep 2017 9:45 PM -

We are delighted to announce that Robinson Sewell Partners has officially launched our Tasmanian office and would like to take this opportunity to welcome David Robertson to the ...

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The Frog in The Pot

4 Sep 2017 9:23 PM -

The frog in the pot is a literary tale that has tantalised the minds of the imaginary and business leaders alike. Symbolic of the analogy between a frolicking frog in a pot of water tolerating an...

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Case Study: Multiple Funding Challenges within a Tight Time Frame

17 Aug 2017 4:45 PM -

Background Position

An established and well positioned Riverina livestock farmer sought professional funding advice and support on the back of a pending rura...

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How to Fund Infrastructure Investment

17 Aug 2017 4:25 PM -

The industrial revolution of the mid-18th century placed immense pressure on the logistics of moving large volumes of trade resources within the United Kingdom. Moving goods through ...

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CASE STUDY REPORT: Lack of bank support

2 Aug 2017 9:37 AM -


No Bank Support to Expand

Wanting to purchase the neighbour’s rural property, but not having the support of your bank, is a fru...

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